Gardner Denver CF-150 300RGA786润滑油

起批量 ≥1


    订货号 CF-150 300RGA786 加工定制 货号 CF-150 300RGA786
    配件类型 易损配件 配件用途 润滑 配件名称 润滑脂
    品牌 GARDNER DENVER 适用压缩机类型 活塞式压缩机 型号 CF-150 300RGA786
    规格 CF-150 300RGA786

    美国AEON CF-150 OIL 300RGA786 Lubricant Gardner Denver

    美国Gardner Denver CF-150 润滑油

    PART NO.1 quart 300RGA786, 946毫升
    Case of 12 quarts 301RGA786, 148毫升



    300RGA786AEON CF-150 Lubricant (946ml) centrifugal blower GD 1267

    Gardner Denver CR-150新产品包装








    weixin: a84282935





    Gardner Denver AEONTM Centrifugal Blower Oil Specifi cations

    Gardner Denver AEONTM Centrifugal Blower Oil Specifi cations


    Lamson and Hoffman Multistage Centrifugal Blowers/Exhausters
    AEON Lubricants
    AEON Oil

    AEON CF-46 Centrifugal Blower Oil is specially formulated to provide maximum protection for multistage centrifugal blowers and exhausters. Proper maintenance will result in years of blower service.  AEON oil is available in one quart containers or by a case of twelve

    AEON CF-46 Centrifugal Blower Oil is a rust and oxidation inhibited industrial oil with added wear protection.  It is formulated from premium hydrocracked base stocks.  Applications with discharge temperatures above 250 °F or higher should use AEON CF-150.



    AEON 800 | AEON 2000 | AEON 4000 | AEON 6000FG | AEON 9000SP | AEON 9000TH | AEON 500 | AEON 5000 | AEON AC-FG | AEON AC-HC | AEON AC-SY | AEON PG | AEON CL

    Gardner Denver, Inc. AEON 9000SP Part Numbers: 28H109, 28H110, 28H254, 28H117
    AEONTMPD and AEON PD-FG Food Grade Synthetic Lubricants
    Convenient AEON PD AEON PD-FG
    Package Sizes Part No. Part No.
    1 quart 28G23 28H97
    Case/12 quarts 28G24 28H98
    5 gallon pail 28G25 28H99
    55 gallon drum 28G28 28H100

    Gardner Denver. AEON. Centrifugal Blower Lubricating Oils
    AEON CF-46 OIl PArT NO.
    1 quart BC3018120000
    Case of 12 quarts BC3018220000

    AEON CF-150 OIl PArT NO.
    1 quart 300RGA786
    Case of 12 quarts 303RGA786
    aeoN Grease parT No.
    5-ounce tube 301RGA786
    case/12 tubes 304RGA786
    14-ounce cartridge 302RGA786
    case/12 cartridges 305RGA786

    AEON. Synthetic Lubricants AEON. PD, AEON. PD-FG, AEON. PD-XD
    Convenient Package Sizes AEON PD Part No. AEON PD FG Part No. AEON PD XD Part No.
    1 quart 28G23 28H97 28G46
    Case 12 quarts 28G24 28H98 28G47
    1 gallon 28G40 28H333 28G42
    Case 6 gallons 28G41 28H334 28G43
    5 gallon pail 28G25 28H99 28G44
    55 gallon drum 28G28 28H100 28G45

    AEON 2000 Part Numbers: 28G36, 28G37, 28H50, 28H51
    AEON 4000 Part Numbers: 28H36, 28H52, 28H53, 28H57
    AEON 500 Part Numbers: 28G13, 28G19, 28G22
    AEON 5000 Part Numbers: 28G14, 28G15
    AEON 6000FG-46 - Food Grade Part Numbers: 28H35, 28H39, 28H56, 28H255, 28H256
    AEON 6000FG-68 - Food Grade Part Numbers: 28H314, 28H315
    AEON 800 Part Numbers: 28G7, 28G8
    AEON 9000 SP Part Numbers: 28H109, 28H110, 28H117, 28H254
    AEON 9000 TH Part Numbers: 28H270, 28H286
    AEON AC-FG Part Numbers: P10611A, 28H217, 28H218, 28H219
    AEON AC-HC Part Numbers: 28H210, 28H211, 28H212, 28H213, P12612A, P12613A, P12614A, P12615A
    AEON AC-SY Part Numbers: P11506A, 28H214, 28H215, 28H216
    AEON B30 & B40 Part Numbers: (B30 - 28H326, 28H327) (B40 - 28H328, 28H329)
    AEON BIO Part Numbers: 28H102, 28H103, 28H257, 28H258
    AEON NG-B15 Part Numbers: 28H132, 28H141, 28H142
    AEON NG-H10 Part Numbers: 28H130, 28H137, 28H138
    AEON NG-HG10 & AEON NG-HG15 Part Numbers: HG10--28H135, 28H147, 28H148; HG15--28H136, 28H149, 28H150
    AEON NG-HS10 Part Numbers: 28H131, 28H139, 28H140
    AEON NG-LF10 Part Numbers: 28H302, 28H303, 28H304
    AEON NG-LG15 Part Numbers: 28H154, 28H155, 28H156
    AEON NG-P5 15 Part Numbers: 28H319, 28H320, 28H321
    AEON NG-P10 & AEON NG-P15 Part Numbers: P10--28H133, 28H143, 28H144; P15--28H134, 28H145, 28H146
    AEON NG-P68 Part Numbers: 28H151, 28H152, 28H153
    AEON PL-LTM & AEON PL-HTM Part Numbers: 28H124, 28H125, 28H126, 28H127, 28H128, 28H129
    AEON PL-LTS & AEON PL-HTS Part Numbers: 28H118, 28H119, 28H120, 28H121, 28H122, 28H123
    AEON CL Part Numbers: 28H287, 28H288
    AEON PG Part Numbers: 28H289, 28H290



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    Gardner Denver  Aeon Oil for Rotary Screw Compressors


    Gardner Denver AEON CL

    AEON CL is a PAO (polyalphaolefin)/Diester synthetic blend tested and proven   to provide optimum operating and service-life results. AEON CL combines the   elements of synthetic and restructured hydrocarbon oil. AEON CL is a unique   additive package designed to provide oxidative stability and viscosity   stability. 


    Gardner Denver AEON PG
      AEON PG is a custom-blended polyalkalene glycol (PAG)/ester rotary screw  lubricant. AEON PG’s formulation offers lubrication at high and low   temperature applications and corrosion protection. AEON PG is formulated to   minimize carbon buildup.



    Gardner Denver AEON 2000

    Gardner Denver AEON 2000 Lubricant is hydrocarbon based, semi-synthetic lubricant, excellent demulsibility, maximizes compressor efficiency while minimizing oil carry over. Gardner Denver AEON 2000 is a blend of highly purified   hydrocarbon base stocks and specially blended additives which provide   economical operating and service life in rotary screw compressor systems. AEON 4000 

    Gardner Denver AEON 4000 Lubricant minimizes maintenance and downtime,   characteristics of a synthetic in a petroleum blend.  AEON 4000 is a   semi-synthetic, severely hydrotreated lubricant formulated with a unique   patented anti-oxidant package.


    Gardner Denver AEON 9000SP
      AEON 9000 is a superior protection synthetic lubricant, increased machine   operating efficiencies, formulated for excellent condensate oil/water   separation.  The PAO (polyalphaolefin)/MFSE (multi-functional synthetic ester)  blend formula contains proven additive components, which results in superior   thermal and oxidative stability.


    Gardner Denver AEON 9000TH
    Gardner Denver AEON 9000TH Lubricant is an extended-life lubricant for use in   screw compressors with oil injection operating under harsh service conditions   with high compressor temperatures that can cause lubricants to form varnish   and system deposits. It is ideal for rotary screw air compressor applications   where oil is exposed to high operating temperatures needed to prevent   condensation in high humidity applications. This product is also an excellent   choice in difficult applications where other synthetic lubricants cannot reach  their expected life.


    Gardner Denver AEON 6000FG
      AEON 6000 Food Grade is a PAO (polyaphaolefin) blend, authorized by the USDA   as an H-1 approved lubricant for use in federally inspected meat and poultry   plants. It complies with FDA 21 CFR178.3570 -- lubricants for incidental food   contact. AEON CL  AEON PG  AEON 2000  AEON 4000  AEON 9000SP  AEON 9000TH    AEON 6000FG