SPD-100 Tachometer转速表

SPD-100 Tachometer

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SPD-100 Agency Approval (ABS)

Product Code: SPD-100

TACHOMETER: signal-powered, 4- digit, intrinsically safe, unlighted display


应用。 有4位显示,无灯,液晶显示。CSA和ABS型式认证。The SPD-100 is a solid- state, intrinsically safe tachometer. The gate time range (0.26 to 5.70 seconds) is field- programmable. It is well- sealed for rugged indoor and outdoor applications. It has 4-digit, unlighted, LCD display. CSA and ABS Type approved.

SPD-100 Signal-Powered Digital Tachometer


- 完全由磁传感器或脉冲发生器产生的信号和功率。Signal and power derived totally from magnetic pickup or
- 本安型。可在危险环境中使用,配备经批准的Dynalco皮卡。(见下页第三方批准。)Intrinsically safe. Can be used
in hazardous environments with approved Dynalco pickups. (See THIRD PARTY APPROVALS, next page.)
- 无需电源连接。高抗电噪声。No power supply connections. High immunity to electrical noise.
- 可现场校准。Can be field-calibrated.
- 高精度:1转/分分辨率。High accuracy: 1 rpm resolution.
- 高抗冲击和振动性。High shock and vibration resistance.
- 标准的SAE外壳尺寸适合具有3-3/8英寸(86 mm)开口的面板。Standard SAE case size fits panels with 3-3/8 inch (86 mm) openings.
- 垫圈和防喷。Gasketed and spray-proof.
- Ideal for OEM use.
- 可与调速器和/或速度娱乐场并联。Can be paralleled with governors and/or speed switches.
- 可以共享现有的拾音器或脉冲器;只绘制微安表。Can share existing pickups or pulsers; draws only microamperes.
- 无接地端子无极性,安装方便。Ground-free terminals have no polarity; easy installation.

SPD-100 and SPD-108
Canadian Standards Association
(CSA): Class I, Division 1, Groups
A, B, C, & D with M134, M135,
M139, M203, M204, M205. Class
I, Division 1, Groups C & D with
M160, M201, M202, M231, and

Product Data Sheet
March 2009 Instrumentation & Controls
2-Year Warranty


External Power Requirements:外部电源要求:

所有型号均为信号供电。照明版本:12或24 Vdc,取决于型号。All models are signal-powered. Lighted versions:
12 or 24 Vdc, depending on model.

Four active digits (0 to 9999), non-blinking LCD display; character height of 0.5 inches (14 mm). Display
contrast increases with increasing ambient light.

Input Valve Voltage:
From pickups, pulsers, shaft encoders, etc.

- Minimum signal amplitude: 2.5 Vrms.
- Maximum permissible signal: 15 Vrms.
The SPD-100 automatically limits pickup
signals at approximately 10 volts peak-topeak.
Input impedance is 100 Ω in series
with a 6 volt Zener diode.
Input Signal Frequency:
Maximum input signal frequency of 20,000
Hz. Lowest frequency range limited by gate
time and corresponding numerical display.
Isolated Circuit:
All circuitry is totally floating, i.e. totally isolated
and insulated from the case and from ground.
Operating Temperature Range:
–5oF to +175oF (–20oC to +80oC).
–40oF to +195oF (–40oC to +90oC).
Vibration: MIL STD 810C; Method 514.2;
Curve Q; Procedure V; Modified to 500 Hz
upper limit. 5 Hz to 10 Hz @ 0.2 inches
D.A.; 10 Hz to 18 Hz @ 1.0 g (peak); 18 Hz
to 57 Hz @ 0.06 inches D.A.; 57 Hz to 500
Hz @ 10 g (peak).
One rpm resolution; within 0.5% (0.1% typical
at room ambient) under all combined
environmental conditions.
Gate Time Ranges:
SPD-100 Series : field-selectable from 0.26
to 5.7 seconds.
SPD-108 Series: field-selectable from 0.13
to 2.85 seconds.
This accommodates calibrations for an
extremely broad range of corresponding
pulses per second.
Magnetic Pickups:
Dynalco Magnetic Pickups M102 and
M107 are used with the SPD-100 Series in
most applications. Refer to Dynalco
Magnetic Pickup brochure for various types
and characteristics.
For low-speed applications, or to permit
operation with larger gaps, the ultrahigh
sensitivity M142 can be used.
For intrinsically safe applications Dynalco
Controls offers various models, with the M202
and M134 the most frequently used.
Weight: 1 lb (0.45 kg)
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